know your humans!

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know your humans!

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Everybody knows that friendship rules. But what goes into the secret sauce of friendship? It's all about being able to express yourself authentically through conversation and play.

That secret sauce has been simmered directly into KNOW YOUR HUMANS!, a Kickstarter funded party card game for 3 - 10 players. In just a few rounds, strangers become friends, and friends become even closer.

Originally inspired by Truth-or-Dare, this game prompts players to interact in three awesome ways:

  1. Question Cards that range from silly hypothetical to thoughtfully personal.
  2. Action Cards with ridiculous cooperative challenges.
  3. Battle Cards that will have your friends facing off in competitive mini-games

It's your new secret weapon against boring conversation and forgettable hangouts.

80% of the cards involve 2 or more players, so you’ll rarely play alone, and no one has to sit on the sidelines for long. You might learn about someone’s supervillain alter ego, invent a secret handshake, or have an epic finger fencing battle!

KNOW YOUR HUMANS! is perfect for:

Learning new things about humans you’ve known forever
Breaking the ice with new humans
Bringing different circles of friends together

…when you’re hanging out at home, festivals, family gatherings, bachelor/ette parties, on vacation, or any of the other weird places you humans gather.

How To Play

To play the game, everyone begins with three random cards in their hand, and one player starts the game off as the “Party Wizard.” Everyone submits one card from their hand that they think the Party Wizard will want to play.

The Party Wizard chooses one of the submissions, and plays the prompt on the card, which might be a question, action, or battle. Whoever submitted the chosen card gets 1 point, unless it was a Battle Card. In that case, whoever wins the battle gets 2 points.

The Party Wizard then gets to return the cards she or he didn’t choose back into the deck anywhere they like. All players draw a new card from the deck, and the role of Party Wizard shifts to the left. The game ends when one lucky human reaches 3 points.


Who is the creator of KNOW YOUR HUMANS!? KNOW YOUR HUMANS! was created by three friends — James, Cory, and Kristen. Learn more about their story here.

How many players does the game support? The standard rules support 3-10 players, but the game can be remixed to play with different group sizes. 

What's the age range for the original game? We think 16+ is a good suggestion, but there’s no hard language or sexually explicit material in the game.  Our age suggestion is more reflective of the mature nature of our Question Cards - for example, it might be tough for a 10 year old to answer “What’s an identity you’ve left behind?”  

What's the age range for the NSFW Booster pack? The suggested age for the NSFW booster cards is 21+ because they include drinking games, stronger language and some sexual questions.

How long does it take to learn and play? Learning only takes a few minutes, so it’s easy to bust out at a party. Play times vary depending on how many players are involved, but generally range from 15-40 minutes. It can also be played non-competitively for as short or as long as you like. Use it as a 10 minute ice breaker, or stay up playing until dawn - see if we care, we’re not your Dad!

What's included with the game? A 53 card deck of Question, Action, and Battle Cards, an instruction card, and a box made of space age material (cardboard).